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This course will introduce you to the FSP4.1 Platform and show you how it aids your FSP in the following:

  • Organise and Simplify Record keeping
  • Manage Fit and Proper Timelines and Requirements
  • Handle licensing conditions and staff requirements to match
  • Engage with your staff
  • Improve Operational Ability
  • Manage Supervision and organisational hierarchies

Lets take a quick look at how you will navigate this course...

The Course consist of 3 Lessons, Each Lesson has Topics. In order to achieve your certificate you need to mark each Topic as COMPLETE.
Be sure to expand your navigation menu so that you can see what you have completed, what you want to review – and what still lies ahead. 

Once you are inside a Topic, you will still see a navigation menu on the left side of th screen – which you can use to navigate through this course. 

You may use these buttons at the bottom of each topic to navigate to previous or next topics. Use the MARK COMPLETE button to indicate that you have completed this topic – you will need to complete all topics before your course certificate will be issued.

From this point further on - is the content of your training course on FSP4.1. Enjoy!